Ergonomic Risk Assessments

Our goal is to reduce ergonomic risks in the workplace, and to ensure increased comfort and productivity at work. We help to decrease the costs of disability and prevent workplace injuries.

We have a team of experienced ergonomic consultants throughout Ontario, who will come to your location to assess any type of occupation for ergonomic risks. We customize this service to meet your needs. We provide a comprehensive written report, with photos, and can meet with you to discuss results and recommendations for improvements.

We help your company to meet the requirements of all applicable legislation.

Please call us at 519-894-1419 to inquire about how we can help your company to improve your Ergonomic set up and work methods.


Ergonomic Accommodation Assessments

Do you have an employee who has reported discomfort? Perhaps they have brought in a doctor's note? Don't wait for the Doctor's note! You don't want a disability claim.

We will assess your employee's individual issues and needs. We will improve their work methods, body mechanics, workstation equipment and set up, and educate them in how to adjust and use their workstation most efficiently and productively.

We complete assessments for any occupation, including Office, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Farming, Warehousing, Transportation, etc.


Virtual Ergonomic Assessments and Consultations

We can assess your workstation without coming to your location. Try out this very cost-effective option.

Completed by one of our ergonomic consultants via video conferencing or telephone. Employee sends pictures/videos and measurements of workstation as requested. The consultant guides the employee through making adjustments to their workstation and will recommend any required equipment to be provided. This includes a comprehensive written report as well.


Need Advice About Ergonomic Products?

Not only can we supply you with the ergonomic products you want... we have registered kinesiologists who can help you select the products you NEED! No "ergonomic" product is ergonomic unless it meets the needs.


One Stop Shopping

Contact us to help you source out and provide the products you need. If you're looking for a specific product but don't see it on our website -- contact us! We'll find it. Our registered kinesiologist will give you advice about the product and help you make the right choice in your product purchases. 


We are Registered Providers for WSIB, Government of Canada, and Government of Ontario. 


Efficient Service

Online inquiries are answered in one business day, request for quotes over the phone or email will usually be sent within 24 hours.

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