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What are Your Ergonomic Risks in the Workplace?

Ergonomic equipment can be used for injury prevention and improving an employee’s health and well-being. Our aim is to help reduce ergonomic risks in the workplace.

ErgoEquip was founded in November 2014, out of an observed need to provide more options for the purchase of ergonomic products, for our own clients, as Ergonomic Consultants.


Ergonomic Assessments and Consultations:

If you are interested in a consultation of your ergonomic risk before you purchase any products, our partner company, Ability at Work, provides Ergonomic Consulting services, for prevention and accommodation of workplace risk factors. This includes both On-site assessments, as well as Virtual Ergonomic Assessments. Please feel free to email us at info@abilityatwork.com for more information.


ErgoEquip Provides:

One Stop shopping for Ergonomic Products and Assistive Devices:

We know you would rather purchase all of your ergonomic devices or products from one knowledgeable source, but this is difficult with ergonomic products, as manufacturers tend to specialize in only a few products.  So now, ErgoEquip will assist clients and ergonomists with sourcing out the top products from quality suppliers, so you can purchase from one reliable provider. If the product you are looking for is not listed on our website, please phone to discuss your needs, and we will personally assist with finding the best solution for you. We are Registered Providers for WSIB, Government of Canada, and Government of Ontario.

Product Knowledge:

As Ergonomists, we will help you find the most appropriate and cost effective product for your purpose, the workstation being used, and the tasks performed.


Efficient Service:

Online inquiries are answered in one business day, request for quotes over the phone will be sent within 24 hours.


Shipping, Delivery and Installation:

We will ship your products assembled to your home or office location directly. We can also offer additional onsite services such as final installation or education of additional product features within Ontario.

ErgoEquip's mission is "To source out and provide the most cost-effective products to help accommodate for, or prevent ergonomic risks in all types of occupations and workplaces." 


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