ErgoEquip is Expanding!

Introducing the Services of Ability at Work: Are you looking to improve the comfort and productivity of your employees or yourself?  Call or email us for an Ergonomic Consultation or Training Session today!  We provide onsite Assessments and Training across Ontario, Canada. We also provide Virtual Ergonomic Assessments across Canada and United States! Please call: 519-894-1419 Or email us at: We will recommend the most suitable and cost-effective solutions to accommodate for your employees' specific and individual needs. Welcome to our new website! If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you very much for working with us to meet the Health And Safety needs of your workplace!

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Ergonomic Office Workstation Set-up

Welcome to Our New Online Ergonomics Products Store Ergonomic equipment can be used for injury prevention and improving an employee’s comfort, productivity and well-being. Our aim is to help reduce ergonomic risks in the workplace. Ergonomic Office Workstation Set-Up Your Chair If your keyboard is adjustable, adjust your chair height to your leg length with feet flat on the floor and knees bent at 90 degrees. Thighs remain horizontal and hips against the back of the chair. Then adjust the height of your armrest so that they are directly under your elbows and supporting your forearms. Swivel in your armrests if possible. If your keyboard is not adjustable in height, adjust your chair armrests to be just below your elbows....

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