About Ability At Work

Ability at Work was established and registered by Betty Ann Schnurr in 2001. Betty Ann has been consulting as a Kinesiologist and Rehabilitation Professional since 1996.

As a graduate of University of Waterloo with an Hon. BSc. in Kinesiology, Betty Ann’s expertise in Kinesiology has grown to cover a broad scope of practice, which she applies using a “whole person” approach in the areas of Ergonomics, Return to Work, Rehabilitation, and Therapeutic Exercise interventions.

Ability at Work continues to experience growth in demand for Ergonomics and Return to Work services across Ontario. Our team of Kinesiologists are trained in utilizing consistent and professional approaches for the various Assessment and Rehabilitation Interventions which are provided.

New Kinesiologists are continually being added to the Ability at Work team who have the same professional outlook and passion for their field.

We look forward to providing you, your company, or your clients with excellent and professional services to maximize abilities and minimize the costs of disability in your workplace, home and community.

Betty Ann Schnurr became a Registered Kinesiologist in April 2013, when the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario was established. From 1995 to 2013 she held the designation of Certified Kinesiologist, and has continuously been involved with promoting the profession of Kinesiology, with her involvement with the Ontario Kinesiology Association as Regional Group Chairperson for the Waterloo-Wellington and Perth areas, and with other involvement in the OKA.

Betty Ann is also a Registered Rehabilitation Professional (RRP), with the Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada (since 2002).

As a Rehabilitation professional, Betty Ann has worked with many multi-disciplinary rehabilitation teams to facilitate work and community re-integration in many individuals, and rebuild optimal independence.

She has extensive experience in all aspects of Return to Work, including Assessment of Vocational Barriers and Needs, Functional Abilities or Capacity, Assessment of Work Demands (PDA’s and CDA’s), and Ergonomic Assessments for Worker Accommodation.

She has exceptional skills in Work Conditioning and Work Hardening programs, by designing exercise programs which are effective in overcoming significant pain conditions, such as back pain, other musculoskeletal disorders, and chronic pain conditions. Betty Ann is a certified PGAP provider, and also excels in administering Functional Restoration Programs with individuals with significant barriers to Return to Work.

Betty Ann knows the barriers to Return to Work and function, and how to rehabilitate and decrease these barriers, taking into account the whole person, and the cause for the barriers. She develops excellent rapport with her clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Her experience also includes rehabilitation of Brain Injury and other Neurological Disorders, in terms of rebuilding physical abilities, balance and mobility, and community reintegration.

Betty Ann was a member of the Board of Directors with the Brain Injury Association of Waterloo-Wellington from 1995 to 2004, serving as Secretary for 7 years and President for one year, and has been very involved in the prevention and education of Brain Injury, as well as developing programs in the community for individuals affected by brain injury.

Since 1996, Betty Ann’s expertise has been helping hundreds of clients to return to optimal independence and function, in their home, work and community through her work which has been referred by Auto Insurance, Disability Insurance, WSIB, Employers, Rehabilitation and Occupational Health companies, and individuals.

Betty Ann’s goal is to continue to help her clients, and to train and mentor other Kinesiologists to work with Ability at Work’s clients to maximize their abilities and life satisfaction and minimize the costs of disability, in the workplace, home and community.

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