The Ergonomic Accessories SpineSaver Saddle Chair provides optimal support for users that employ varied working postures from fully seated through partially standing up to fully standing. It promotes a more open seating angle allowing the user's lumbar curve to be fully engaged and provide the shock absorbing benefits to the body that it is capable of. 



  • GL270 gas lift (24.5"-34.5" height range)
  • Saddle angle range: 20°rearward, 6° forward
  • Staccato fabric
  • Black nylon base
  • Carpet casters

Optional Features:

  • Back rest - mid back (12½" W x 8" H) or high back (12½" W x 12" H) (optional)
  • Adjustable arm rests with polyurethane pad (optional)


*note: high back rest is not pictured above. Arm rests pictured are slightly different than the ones offered. If you would like to inquire about different arm rests available, please call our office.*