The Obus Ultra Forme is the new backrest clinically proven to relieve even chronic back pain.

Please note: We do not recommend placing this type of backrest into an office chair, because it positions the worker too far forward in the chair. This backrest is best for use on a deep sofa, or possibly in a car seat, to encourage improved back posture.


  • Through proven lumbar alignment and complete spinal support, the Obus Ultra Forme ergonomic seating system relieves back pain
  • The doctor-designed Obus Ultra Forme conforms to the natural curvature of a healthy spine
  • This innovative design is clinically proven to relieve back pain by shifting the spine into a neutral position that eases pressure on the lumbar discs and lower back muscles
  • Reduces muscle activity in the lower back by an amazing 50%, reducing much of the strain typically felt in those muscles

Available in small, medium and large sizes