UpCentric 2L- Height Adjustable Table, with 36"D X 96"W Table Top.

Price: $1222.63  (Includes Shipping)

The upCentric 2LV-29 inch frame can support a larger table top, than the 2L, 22 inch frame.

This Huge Table Top size of 36 inches deep by 96 inches wide can be used as a craft, or workshop table. It can be raised for you to work in standing position, or lowered for sitting.

UpCentric is an electric height adjustable table or desk that allows workers to easily alternate between seated and standing positions throughout the work day to reduce stress and tension and to improve circulation throughout the body.

Moving the table is intuitive with the easy-to-use up/down control with four position memory. The quiet motors housed in each of the table’s legs ensure a quick, smooth transition in height positions.

The durable open frame design provides optimal knee clearance and space for storage under the desk. The legs have 3 sections, which gives this desk a more optimal height range, than most other, cheaper sit-stand desks.


  • Tabletop Size: This is for the 36" X 96" Table Top size only
  • Height Range of frame: 21.6" - 47.9" (Not including thickness of tabletop)
  • Depth of Frame: 29" (wider to prevent tipping)
  • Assembly Time: 30-60 mins
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Travel Speed: 1.6" per second
  • Max Power Draw: 280 W
  • Sound Level: 39 dB
  • Power Cord Length: 78.75"
  • Boxed Size/Weight: 43.7" L x 8.25" W x 11" H - 92 lbs
  • Product Warranty: 10 Years (Frame), 5 Years (Motor)

Other sizes of table tops and frames are available. Please see other product pages for other options or phone for assistance.

Shipping fees of $125 are included in price. 

If you prefer to pick up the desk in GTA to save money on shipping, please call us to process your order manually.