airCentric 2- MT

airCentric™ 2

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Our Most Popular Chair!

 The airCentric is an excellent all-round great office chair. It has a good lumbar support, height adjustable back rest. The backrest is flatter across the top, to enable your shoulders to fit back against the backrest with upright posture.

Most popularly purchased by large and government employers since it is very comfortable and fits most body builds. (It can also be customized to fit people with taller, shorter body builds and to meet other individual needs.)

The Multi- Tilt series allows the backrest to be adjusted independent of the seat angle. It is fully adjustable for continuous multi-shift operations as well as general office use.

Various fabric options: Either airflow, or the regular grades of fabric.

A properly adjusted airCentric will encourage proper sitting posture thus decreasing the risk of ergonomic injuries. 


  • 19" wide by 24" high
  • 5" Patented Back Height Adjustment System
  • Front Upholstered Dual Curve Backrest
  • Plastic Back Cap with Airflow Vents
  • Proprietary Airflow Molded Bio-based Foam and Structure


  • Seat Pan 20" wide by 19" deep
  • Proprietary Airflow Molded Bio-based Foam and Structure

Multi Tilt Control

  • Infinite Lock Free Float
  • Back Angle Adjustment
  • Adjustable Spring Tension
  • Forward Tilt Lock Out
  • 2.5" Depth Adjustable Seat Slider

Pneumatic Lift

  • 125 mm Pneumatic Lift (seat height -16.5"-21.5")
  • 140 mm pneumatic lift available (18"-23") (specify in notes with order)


  • 25" Glass Reinforced Nylon High Profile Base
  • 5 Dual Wheel Nylon Carpet Casters

* Chair comes in black unless you choose another colour. 

 Choose between a Black frame and backing on the backrest (Midnight Black), or a Grey Backing.

Choose between an open-air Backrest, or a solid backing on the backrest.

 There are many arm rest options, seat options, fabric and colour options and other customized options. 

Please Email info@abilityatwork.com to inquire about additional options (such as air lumbar, different seat sizes, etc) and we can help you process your order manually.

Not sure whether to order online? Give us a phone call, to ask questions or process the order by phone.