ErgoCentric AirCentric Knee Tilt Ergonomic Chair


Product Description


Now Greenguard certified, the airCentric combines innovative airflow engineering with over 16 years of proven ergonomic design and patented technologies to keep you cool and comfortable. The fully adjustable airCentric allows the chair to be fitted to the individual. A properly adjusted airCentric will encourage proper sitting posture thus decreasing the risk of ergonomic injuries. 

The Knee Tilt series allows the individual's feet to stay flat on the floor while the chair is being tilted backwards. It is a perfect solution for general office, task and executive seating requirements.


  • 19" wide by 24" high
  • 5" Patented Back Height Adjustment System
  • Front Upholstered Dual Curve Backrest
  • Plastic Back Cap with Airflow Vents
  • Proprietary Airlfow Molded Bio-based Foam and Structure
  • Seat Pan 20" wide by 19" deep
  • Proprietary Airlfow Molded Bio-based Foam and Structure
Knee Tilt Control
  • 2.5" Depth Adjustable Seat Slider
  • Adjustable Spring Tension
  • Back Angle Adjustment
  • Infinite Lock Free Float
Pneumatic Lift
  • 125 mm Pneumatic Lift (seat height -18"-23")
  • 25" Glass Reinforced Nylon High Profile Base
  • 5 Dual Wheel Nylon Carpet Casters



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