Adept Series Radial Monitor Arm


Product Description


LR71-211B - black finish 2¼ - 11 lbs (1 - 5 kgs)
LR71-211S - silver finish 2¼ - 11 lbs (1 - 5 kgs) 
LR71-927B - black finish 8¾ - 27½ lbs (4 -12¼ kgs)
LR71-927S - silver finish 8¾ - 27½ lbs (4 -12¼ kgs)

Utilizing classic and time tested styling, the Adept Series delivers outstanding performance and a value conscious price tag. With its counter-balance mechanism set for the monitor, vertical height, focal distance, screen angle and orientation adjustments are all easily and quickly achieved in seconds without the use of any tools. Claim back your valuable desk space as you elevate your monitor to the perfect working position with Adept. 



  • reposition the monitor with one hand – no knobs to turn
  • tilt monitor -45º to +75º
  • monitor easily rotates from landscape to portraiT
  • choose from a variety of weight capacities to suit to your application
  • the arm folds to less than 3” to save space when not in use
  • includes MultiMount – six different mounting options in one kit
  • compatible with all VESA® compliant monitors – includes 75mm and 100mm VESA® standard mounting plates
  • included cable management system routes cables neatly for a clean and professional look
  • horizontal max 23¼” (590mm)
  • vertical max 15¾” (400mm)